The Radical Power of Authenticity

A Rebellious Guide Against the “Fake It Till You Make it Mantra”

What you’ll learn:

  1. Re-thinking the value of authentic experiences

2. Frameworks for solid team feedback

3. Principles behind creating authentic content

4. Building cultures with stronger values

5. Key lessons and advice on growth strategies

Authenticity is a highly-sought value but very few companies know how to forge a genuine culture and craft strategies that put it at the core.

After all, there is no cookie-cutter template for instilling authenticity in a company but there are sustainable ways to develop it.

In an environment of heightened uncertainty, what was deemed to be a business priority yesterday often falls short today.

Navigating through a crisis often means getting back to business fundamentals and principles.

From a financial standpoint, it usually rhymes with reducing your appetite for growth-at-all-cost in place of a more sustainable growth where improvement of your unit economics and profitability becomes paramount.

From a non-financial standpoint, relying on strong company principles and values to strengthen your team’s efforts and revisit your go-to-market strategy is a safe bet.

And in this world, companies that craft authentic experiences at their core, are the best equipped to stay afloat and thrive.

At GrowthTalk, we set the objective of elucidating what it means to be authentic — and learning how to instil this quality into a company, culture, strategy.

Even though this is a broad topic to cover, we’ve always been fascinated by the way some top-notch companies like Intercom, Basecamp, Slack and InVision — to name a few — have managed to grow at a fast-pace without having to deny their first principles.

We have been painstakingly reading books and articles, writing, researching, and interviewing seasoned experts from darling tech companies like Hotjar,, Criteo, Shopify, Zest and Loom to name a few.

Experts featured in this playbook:

  • Pete Prowitt, Director of Sales, Loom, Ex-Intercom
  • Louis Grenier, Senior Marketing Strategist, Hotjar
  • Steve Howe, Content Strategist, Shopify, Ex Typeform
  • Robert Katai, Digital Marketer and Content Strategist, Bannersnack
  • Tonya Parker, Content Growth Manager, Zest
  • Sumit Hedge, SaaS Positioning & Messaging Consultant,
  • Yon Heong Tung, Content Strategist, Ex-e27
  • Erwan Derlyn, Independent Growth Marketing Consultant
  • Oana Iordachescu, Global Talent Acquisition — Tech & Product Diversity Advocate, Criteo
  • Ruth Zive, Head of Marketing, Ada
  • Richard Makara, Growth Marketing Engineer,
  • Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships, Sales Hacker and Evangelist,
  • Louis-Xavier Lavallée, Co-Founder, Growth.Design
  • Saskia H. Herrmann, Service Designer, Researcher and Coach, The Empathy Game
  • Willem van Roosmalen, Co-Founder, Homerun
  • Michael Umansky, Co-Founder & CEO, INK
  • Carmen Guillen, Editor in Chief, Unfold

Thanks to these talented people, we have learned valuable lessons and strategies about how to focus on human-first content, build cultures with stronger values, settle clashing perspectives about what it means to run a successful company, and implement sustainable growth strategies.

We are thrilled to share with you the result, a playbook that we titled “The Radical Power of Authenticity — A Rebellious Guide Against the “Fake It Till You Make It” Mantra” and divided into 5 sections:

  • Why Authenticity Matters
  • How to Develop Company Authenticity
  • Authenticity in Content
  • Authenticity in Culture
  • Authenticity in Growth

Love how this sounds? Head over to to read the full playbook.

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