Let’s face it — writing is hard — and even the most seasoned writers get it wrong sometimes. There’s a variety of missteps that you can take down the road but nobody will judge you (except your audience 😉).

If you want to avoid that minor hiccup, then here are some things you shouldn’t do as you embark on your journey of writing a quality piece.

Not formulating ideas properly

Let’s begin in the obvious place. When you get an idea, it is unlikely it’ll be the result of a single event taking place in your brain.

Most likely, ideas are made up of…

A Rebellious Guide Against the “Fake It Till You Make it Mantra”

What you’ll learn:

  1. Re-thinking the value of authentic experiences

2. Frameworks for solid team feedback

3. Principles behind creating authentic content

4. Building cultures with stronger values

5. Key lessons and advice on growth strategies

Authenticity is a highly-sought value but very few companies know how to forge a genuine culture and craft strategies that put it at the core.

After all, there is no cookie-cutter template for instilling authenticity in a company but there are sustainable ways to develop it.

In an environment of heightened uncertainty, what was deemed to be a business priority yesterday often falls short today.

The idea of understanding and practising how to best live our lives has ignited the greatest minds for centuries.

Looking back at great philosophers and thinkers, we see how they fully dedicated their lives constructing and deconstructing ideas, understanding behaviours and building better habits to improve and optimize their lives.

One memorable dictum that has remained imprinted in my memory is:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

I love examining life in an attempt to live the best way I can.

This means analysing the ‘why’ behind whatever I do, questioning actions, understanding what my values are…

Most of the exceptional and remarkable content pieces throughout the history of content marketing seem to have a few things in common: they are the result of mastery, collaboration, strong ideas, and are data-informed — plus they are always created with the purpose of educating and inspiring.

Content and its needy fellow, marketing, have taken center stage in the digital space for the past decade, but they have often ended up being the by-product of a love-hate relationship between their consumers and creators respectively.

The actual term content marketing has become the internet villain for good reason. There’s simply so…

A checklist for writing good human-first content

What is authentic content?

Authentic content revolves around a series of things like strong ideas, how you frame them, the way knowledge is curated and shared, and the type of experiences readers can relate to.

When you create content that solves problems and inspires, content that caters to a clear target audience, you create a space where readers always want to return to.

But there’s a trick. Exceptional content and loyal readership take time to build. That’s why, when it comes to delivering content that connects and endures, laying the right foundations and being steadfast to your principles is crucial.

To do so, writing…


For most of my life, I voraciously read everything I could get my hands on — especially fiction. For the past 10 years though, I surprised myself by shifting my focus on non-fiction to challenge my understanding of the world, learn new things, and gain depth.

I’ve never felt more inspired in all areas of my life thanks to the power of knowledge.

As a keen advocate of self-education, I strongly believe books (especially physical ones) can transform your thinking and prompt you to take positive action.

From decoding culture to storytelling to empowering women, here are some of the…

Paving the way to personal branding and authentic content through one-on-one curated knowledge.

Illustration by Icons8

Written in collaboration with Maxime Lagresle

We live in a world where many of the things we need to thrive — to create, innovate, collaborate, and solve problems — aren’t only learned through academic education or training.

Across many industries and especially in the tech space, everything has evolved in such a way that companies are now creating knowledge-based cultures, putting self-learning and gathering knowledge from others’ experiences at the forefront of a successful organisation.

In a nutshell, self-development has never been as important as it is today.

People from companies big or small now realise that to make it…

Credit: www.rawpixel.com

The reality for many marketers out there is that it’s becoming more difficult to create authentic content that stands out.

In a space of information overload, companies and marketers are moving away from shallow, bite-size pieces to more time in-depth content — to make their voice heard and build a more authentic experience.

In such times, publishing valuable content becomes the baseline.

In this article, I will share some key areas that show why long-form content is important to build authenticity.

  1. Data
  2. Ideas
  3. Thought leadership
  4. SEO
  5. Evergreen content
  6. Recycle and repurpose

1. All about data

It’s common knowledge that articles of about 1,200 to…

In today’s crowded landscape of companies, ideas, and products, having a clear plan and strategy for your business becomes the one critical element entrepreneurs need to focus on to take their company to another level.

And although companies take pride in having a viable product, it’s equally important to establish a strong visual and content identity that can help you engage with customers better and establish more authentic relationships.

In our case, we realized we needed to work in-depth on building our company’s foundation early and take it to new heights.

We started by organizing brainstorming sessions, conducting interviews with…

Image Credit: Rawpixel

World Wide Webers, it’s 2019 and the talk of town are topics that so many of us interact with every day: conversational marketing, behavioural science, machine learning, process automation, productivity tools, chatbots, algorithms, artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, accelerating digital transformation, and so much more.

At the same time, we are woken up by the promise of expanded time every day — kick off your day at 5 am with a workout and a meditation session they say — and aim to maximize your day as much as possible.

There is the ongoing idea that we can (and should)…

Andreea Serb

Content Strategist @Storyteq | Running www.growthtalk.co on the side | Relentless Learner | Turning knowledge into authentic content 💡

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